Frequently Asked Questions

Fantestico is a meta search engine that identifies lab tests available to be purchased directly online. We gather information about hundreds of tests from numerous labs across the nation and present the available options to you for easy comparison, so you can focus on identifying which test is right for you.

After searching for a test, select up to 3 tests from the search results by clicking “add to compare”, and then click “compare tests”. To view this feature, make sure you are in grid view.

Yes, you can save tests for later view by clicking the heart icon. This feature is available only when logged in to your Fantestico account. To create an account, click Log in button on the top right menu, and then click “create an account”.

Tests can only be ordered directly from the lab test provider. Click on your selected test name, then click on “ORDER from Provider” to be redirected to the provider’s website. Please check the provider’s website for any additional ordering instructions.

No. Tests can only be ordered directly from the lab test providers. Fantestico identifies and compares tests to make this process easier for you.

Fantestico identifies tests that can be ordered directly online. Most tests can be purchased without a doctor's visit. Check your chosen lab test provider’s website to confirm their specific ordering policies.

Many lab test providers allow tests to be paid for using HSA/FSA. Please check HSA/FSA policies directly with your chosen provider.

In addition to narrowing down your search using the filtering checkboxes on the left panel, you can conduct advanced searches using the search bar itself. Specifically, you can determine which features to exclude or include from your search by adding a "-" or a "+" before the feature you want to specify. 

For example, in a search for a food allergies test, if you do not want to include lab tests for food sensitivity, you can write:  allergy -sensitivity  in the search bar. In other words, searching the term "allergy" results in all available tests on Fantestico that measure allergy, but some of these tests might also measure sensitivity. To avoid viewing tests that measure both allergy AND sensitivity, you would need to subtract sensitivity by using the "-" sign before the term you want to exclude. Please note, use the "-" sign without a space before the words you wish to exclude, and without quotations marks (" ") (e.g. allergy -sensitivity, not "allergy - sensitivity"). Similarly, you can make an advanced search by using the sign "+" to combine features. For example, when searching for a diabetes test, you can search for "A1C +fasting glucose" (again, without the quotations marks, e.g. A1C +fasting glucose), which would result in tests that measure both A1C AND fasting glucose.

Fantestico only shows lab test providers with services in the United States. Check your chosen lab test provider’s state availability on their website or by contacting them directly

While Fantestico only shows lab test providers with services in the United States, some providers may allow international orders. Check whether a test can be ordered to your country on the  provider’s website or by contacting them directly. 

Fantestico is constantly expanding its test pool. If you notice a specific test or lab provider does not surface on Fantestico, please contact us with the test name and a link. We will review inquiries and add tests and providers that fit our quality criteria.