Lipid Panel Test Strips for CardioChek PA Analyzer


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The CardioChek PA analyzer achieves accuracy similar to that of a clinical laboratory, but only requires a small (40 μL) blood sample from a fingerstick - Sold separately. The CardioChek® family of products include PTS Panels® test strips and a MEMo® Chip which allow flexibility in testing with the CardioChek PA and CardioChek Plus analyzers. PTS Panels test strips are composed of several layers of filters and dry chemistry membranes in a plastic carrier. Each membrane layer performs specific functions to process and facilitate chemical reactions. The dry chemistry membranes are stable at room temperature.
Heart Disease
Self testing at-home
Finger prick blood collection with a lancet
Blood (Finger prick)
Chemistry, Rapid Test
Analytes Included
  • Triglycerides
  • Cholesterol
  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
More Info
Calculated LDL; A 15 test pack. Can be read only with the CardioChek PA Professional Analyzer.