Convenient, online lab tests can be ordered at home, changing the landscape of accessible healthcare

Seventy percent of all medical and wellness decisions are informed byYoung girl order lab tests online lab test results.  Fantestico's mission is to empower individuals to be proactive about their health by making it easy to identify online lab tests. The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we live our day-to-day lives, including lab testing and at-home diagnosis. Now, safe and convenient lab tests can be ordered online from the comfort of your home, without having to visit a physician.  

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With many lab test options from numerous online vendors, it is challenging to identify which test suits your needs the most and compare tests’ functionality and prices. Fantestico solves this problem by gathering information about hundreds of lab tests and providers from across the nation and presenting the available options to you for a simple comparison. As a metasearch engine, Fantestico conducts your thorough search and presents your options, so you can focus on simply choosing which test is right for you. Similarly, to a travel search engine for identifying the best hotel room deals or flight prices, Fantestico is your search engine for at-home lab tests. 

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COVID cases are on the rise nationwide, and testing kits are becoming more scarce. While County locations have been a great resource, they have been running out of tests and we wanted to find a supplementary solution that could provide quick checks for employees.” Said Paul Shrater, Co-founder & COO of, an eCommerce and 3PL fulfillment warehouse in Ventura County, CA. “But then I found and was able to identify multiple COVID test providers I’ve never previously heard of, with great price comparison and inventory. A great resource for people to use where they can get a compilation of options to review all in one place.

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