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Compare all tests’ features and prices, find the right test for you

Fantestico gathers information on over 600 lab tests that can be purchased online from over 80 lab providers. Don’t pay twice – compare the price. Go to the search box, and type any test name, condition, or disease and find lab tests costs. You can also select one of the Popular Searches. For in-depth comparison select ‘add to compare’ on grid view. You can select up to 3 tests at a time. Go to compare tests at the upper part of the screen and you’d see detailed health parameters and price comparison.
Save money on lab testing

Save on lab testing

Find the cheapest online lab tests

Better healthcare is achieved by affordable lab tests. Fantestico enables you to search and save money on your lab tests. You need to find a test that matches your requirements, location, health condition needs, and most importantly, fits in your budget. Save money on your online lab tests - compare lab test prices. Another great way to save on lab testing is going to our coupons page. You’d find discounted lab tests and the best deals for lab work at home.
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No price surprises

No insurance necessary, no co-pay, no deductible, no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay

A common question is How much is lab work without insurance? Fantestico shows you all online lab test prices paid directly to the lab providers. When you’d click on Order it takes you to the provider ordering page. Don’t worry about clickbait – we tell you everything as it is. No insurance necessary, no co-pay, no deductible, no hidden fees, no tricks. You pay the price you see!
Save time

Save time

No physician visit is needed, order lab tests online

Skip the line and order lab tests online. Why spend time on appointments when you can order lab tests online without your doctor. If you’ll get abnormal results or have questions then you can set up your appointment, or just consult with your healthcare provider using telemedicine services.
Convenience at home


Hundreds of at-home lab tests are available

Sometimes you just miss your annual physical and do not want to wait for the next available appointment. In other cases, you want to keep your privacy and not share your health information. At home, bloodwork is convenient and private. Order lab tests without doctor
Safety shield

Be Safe

Keep social distancing when needed

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we live our day-to-day lives, including at-home lab work. Keep social distancing when needed and order lab tests online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fantestico is a meta search engine that identifies lab tests available to be purchased directly online. We gather information about hundreds of tests from numerous labs across the nation and present the available options to you for easy comparison, so you can focus on identifying which test is right for you.

After searching for a test, select up to 3 tests from the search results by clicking “add to compare”, and then click “compare tests”. To view this feature, make sure you are in grid view.

Yes, you can save tests for later view by clicking the heart icon. This feature is available only when logged in to your Fantestico account. To create an account, click Log in button on the top right menu, and then click “create an account”.

Tests can only be ordered directly from the lab test provider. Click on your selected test name, then click on “ORDER from Provider” to be redirected to the provider’s website. Please check the provider’s website for any additional ordering instructions.

No. Tests can only be ordered directly from the lab test providers. Fantestico identifies and compares tests to make this process easier for you.

Fantestico identifies tests that can be ordered directly online. Most tests can be purchased without a doctor's visit. Check your chosen lab test provider’s website to confirm their specific ordering policies.