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What age you are? Measure your current biological age 

The only bio age test that detects improvement 
  • Glycan-based test for biological age can provide a more accurate picture of a person's health and longevity than chronological age.
  • Glycans are found on the surface of cells and play a role in aging.
  • Glycans serve as the cellular language of our bodies, acting as the essential communication code.
  • As people age, the levels of certain glycans in their blood and tissues decrease.
  • Glycan-based bioage test can measure the levels of these glycans and
  • provide a more accurate estimate of a person's biological age.
  • Unlocking the Power of NAD+An age test calculator allows you to determine your biological age, providing insights into your overall health, and well-being while also can improving your longevity.
  • Discover the Next Big Breakthrough in Anti-Aging: Precursor of NAD+

What you get:

  • Test for age at-home kits.
  • Personal dashboard to view results & track progress.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown of your key Aging Indexes: Unlock Insights with our Sample Report!
  • Consultation with our health-span doctors who will assess your results and guide improvements.
  • Anti-aging supplement supply for 6 months.

Choose your plan:

Choose from various plans and payment options that can come with tailored advice from specialists. Receive your test for age kit at home and send your blood sample back to GlycanAge lab for analysis. Optimize your lifestyle, diet, and supplements. Check again and track your improvement!

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