Lab Work at Home is a Convenient Technique for a Health Check!

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online lab testsThe increased availability of in-home testing kits and lab solutions allows you to do your lab work at home. Due to detailed instructions and prepared shipping solutions, these tests are a practical alternative to long waits at the doctor's office. Blood tests are broad screenings crucial to diagnosing medical issues such as diabetes, cancer, and hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiencies.

Many lab tests may be conducted at home using at-home testing kits, allowing you to obtain high-quality results without leaving the house. You may still need to go to a lab for particular blood tests, like CBC (although few providers also have at-home CBC bloodwork) and CMP tests, and you'll need to see a doctor if the findings are abnormal.

What is the Process of Lab Work at Home?
Do you want to take lab testing into your own hands? You can use the easy lab work at home sample collection technique whenever you need to assess components of your wellbeing. Here's how it works—and why so many people adore the ease, quickness, and convenience of at-home lab testing.

Kits Arrive at Home 
It only takes up to 5-7 days for you to receive the medical home testing kits. Each test has its own set of components and instructions—read the instructions carefully for users as they might be different between the lab providers and manufacturers. All sample kits come with everything you need to send your samples in a secure package to the laboratory. There’s no additional special packaging or preparation required that is not provided.

Kit Activation 
To register your kit, all you need is an internet connection and an account. You must activate your kit as soon as you receive it. On the same portal, after the lab analyzes your sample, you will be able to access your results.

Get your Sample
Saliva, urine, and stool samples are easy to collect as all of these bodily fluids are secreted out. However, to collect your blood, you’ll need to use a collection device like a lancet to poke your finger. Some lab providers offer more advanced blood collection devices that enable to collection of your blood from your arm. These devices are painless and easier to use than lancets. Before collecting your blood, make sure you're properly hydrated, e.g., drink water if your test does not require you to fast. Also, some exercise would increase your blood flow, so some jumping jacks won’t hurt... Your index finger is an excellent choice for pulling the collection since it is not as calloused as the rest of your fingers.

Pack and return your sample to the lab.
Each package has a secure mailing bag and a prepaid postage label for sending your sample back to the labs for analysis. Shipping samples back to the laboratory is easy. Depends on the shipper labeling. You can drop off your package at a nearby courier (USPS, FedEx UPS, etc.) location.

Lab Processing and results
Once you’ve submitted your sample and payment, it will be processed quickly and delivered to the laboratory for testing. A few days later, when your test results are ready, you’d receive from the lab provider a note to your email or a text message to your phone and can log in to their portal to check your results. Some lab providers offer a free consultation with a healthcare provider in case your results are positive. Telehealth appointment with a physician is also available normally for an additional cost.
How Could Lab Work at Home help?
If you missed your physical appointment, don’t want to wait for the next doctor appointment, or simply do not have healthcare insurance, before you experience symptoms, it is better to check your health. Look for or check for illnesses such as excessive cholesterol, taking a lipid panel test, take tests for your kidneys and liver, or certain infections. This may enable you to receive treatment sooner and avoid more severe health problems later. Be preventive, especially with sexually transmitted diseases, as it ensures your safety and may also aid in the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases.

Being proactive about your health even your schedule does not allow you to have an appointment is now possible with the ability to do your lab work at home. It is a simple process, and its cost can sometimes be cheaper than your insurance co-pay. There are over 200 lab providers that offer thousands of lab tests that can be purchased online. Do not neglect your health when it is so simple.

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